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A garden pergola can instantly enhance the beauty of your landscape.

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Vinyl or Wood
  • Open or Closed Gables
  • Custom or Standard sizes available
  • Installation or kits

Unlike some cheaper vinyl pergolas that are available online, we offer the highest quality vinyl that lasts and lasts. And because most of the pergola is filled with pressure treated lumber, the horizontal rafters will support the weight of vines and hanging plants.

Why Choose Vinyl?

  • Selection & beauty — 3 different designs/models
  • Very sturdy (filled with pressure treated wood)
  • Virgin sheathed vinyl for superior durability
  • Add a beautiful canopy or curtains
  • Vinyl and wood have limited lifetime warranties

    Why Choose Wood?

    • Beautiful design choices
    • Each piece hand-selected with all 4 sides re-milled at our shop
    • Highest quality materials, cedar or kiln dried pressure treated pine
    • Add a canopy or curtains
    • Pressure treated wood has a limited lifetime warranty

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